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Hi! Welcome! Can I get you a glass of wine? Whiskey? 

Have a seat and relax for a moment. I've been looking forward to chatting with you...

First of all, I am psyched you decided to stop by. I canNOT wait to learn more about you, your business, and your goals. I wouldn't have taken even a moment's time building this web page if my intention wasn't to meet you. But - here you are.

Yes, I'm fully aware this is an "About Me" page. Much of me wishes I could avoid this part and just throw a list of skills at you, but my clients have never wanted to work with me for being surface. But, how does anyone even start this conversation. Could we not just say we're here for our health?

Oh, I totally know - it IS good whiskey. And in full disclosure: I'd come to your house for good whiskey, too.

Ok, ok - I guess I should get on with it.

Well, to start, I suppose it would be right to mention that I have always been fortunate to have been born to an amazing family. Loving, supportive, and solid. I am truly blessed. Through my early years, that rock I was born on held me together when I was confronted with several personal tragedies. What should have truly broken me created a fire in me that has been all consuming. Uncomfortably so. It has consumed my thoughts, my goals, my dreams, and my relationships. It has become more real than the air I breathe.

As an adult reflecting back now, those tragedies molded me, and showed me along the way that I had a distinct ability to transform my thoughts, and in turn transform my situation. As adulting actually became a necessary thing, I was able to take all the pieces and make it something tangible and positive - and when it's not, I fix it. I am really good at avoiding unnecessary B.S. I mean seriously good.

But what I also know is that you come with a fire of your own. After all, why would you be in business if it wasn't driving you, too? Hence, why we're sitting here together as we speak.

Building a business is hard work - but look how far we've come! And all the moving pieces needed: the website, the social media, the branding...sometimes it's just a little overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Just like personal tragedy doesn't have to cripple us.

If I had to identify my one major skill, it would be that I am really good at taking the overwhelming tasks right off your plate. Sure, I'm a little eclectic (creatives always are!), I hate being confined to thinking inside small boxes, I have a heart & passion for women-owned small business. After all, I AM one. But I am also calm, compassionate, centered, solid, and trustworthy. I also know that you need to get back to business and put your focus where it belongs.

If I sound like your kind of person, then I think we're off to an excellent start. And what great relationship doesn't start off with a hefty dose of honesty and a delicious beverage of the adult kind? Looks like we're already ahead of the game. And who doesn't love winning?

Above all, though, I am easy to work with, I love vision, I communicate easily and regularly, and I work hard. Damn hard. My final product is always a representation of the time we will spend together - and time is precious.

Go ahead and take a peek at my services pages to see if your needs are within my scope. And if they're not, don't write me off yet. That fire of mine has me adding new skills regularly, with new ones requested all the time. If you're unsure or have questions, please submit a contact request or schedule a discovery call. I trust we will meet again.

On a very personal note: I currently live in Bradenton, FL with my partner, Jade, 2 teen kiddos, Lily & Calum, and our two Yorkies, Tiberius & Sam.

And please - If you're local, I would love to meet face-to-face!

Sarah B. McArthur - Digital Strategist & Website Designer

love messages from my amazing clients.

"Sarah has built my website over from a previous company and it has improved my exposure enormously. It's interactive and easy to navigate. I finally have a website that I am proud to tell people to go on and find what they need. And if I ever have a question about a certain technology, she always has the answers and fixes the issue. Highly recommended."

- Maryann H. 

"If it weren't for Sarah, I'd still be wading through a mess of code trying to find out how I broke my website. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and goes above and beyond in her work. I would recommend any of her services!"

- Beth N.

"We could not be happier with Sarah. Honestly, I have not had to manage her at all. I just give her the assignment and she takes it on without hesitation. [Having] someone as self-directed as Sarah has been a Godsend. Have I gushed too much? Seriously though, she's the best."

- Joyce B.

"Sarah McArthur is such a pleasure to work with.  She is fast, has great design ideas, offers great feedback, and makes it all seem so easy. She's a magician.  I asked, "Can you do this?" or "Add that?" She makes it happen. She took what I had and made it WOW! I love my new website and highly recommend Sarah to everyone!"

 -Karrie at KarrieMarie.com