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Sometimes we just need to talk to someone to figure out exactly what we need in order to accomplish our next goal. If you find yourself in that place, fill out the form below - or text or email me - and we can set up a time to chat and work out the kinks.

I seriously can't think of one person that actually enjoys kinks.

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I remember my father always telling me not to panic, but sometimes it's hard when something just doesn't make sense. I can help it make sense for you and take care of the headache in the process. I am level-headed and calm, so I promise I won't jump on your panic party bus and will help you feel grounded when everything seems hectic.

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My phone is available for texts and voicemails every day from 9am-6pm. Because my head is down and focused when I'm working, I rarely answer my phone during my business hours - however, I am happy to schedule a call with you and I have a scheduled weekly 30-minute call with my clients to keep everyone up-to-date on the deets. Just shoot my number below a message inbetween and I will always get back to you. Promptly.

Available from 9am - 6pm for voicemail or text.


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